The Monero community is concerned about the potential threat of a 51% attack

The Monero XMR community is concerned about the concentration of mining capacity in the MineXMR pool. According to some, this carries a potential 51% attack risk.

According to MineXMR’s own statistics, at the time of writing, the pool-controlled computing power is about 1.5 GH/s or 49% of the total in the beginning of February 2022.

The xmrwiki service showed the leader’s share of 47.5%. The power of the mining equipment connected to MineXMR exceeds the aggregate indicator of the other pools from the top five in hashrate.

Some members of the Monero community have asked the pool to take measures to prevent the growth of the share in the hashrate above 50%.

In a discussion thread on Reddit , the MineXMR administrator replied:

“We understand people’s concern about the large hashrate that MineXMR currently has. We have announced an increase in the commission for using the pool and continue to monitor the situation.”

xnbya – the admin of MineXMR

Users agreed that the miner who gained control of the network would not necessarily abuse the position. But, in their opinion, such a concentration of power threatens the decentralization of the network and the reputation of Monero.