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Updated on January 11, 2022

 NameService URLFeeReserveReviews
CryptoMixerVisit Service0.5 - 3%1000 BTC0/1546
AnonymixVisit Service0.3%342 BTC0/925
coinmixer-logoCoinMixerVisit Service1 - 2%180 BTC0/876
bitcoin-laundry-logoBitcoin LaundryVisit Service0.1%156 BTC0/821
mycryptomixer-logoMyCryptoMixerVisit Service0.5 - 3%140 BTC0/764
btcmixer-logoBTCmixerVisit Service0.1%80 BTC0/579
chipmixer-logoChipMixerVisit ServiceDonation68 BTC0/562


Today, there is a huge number of cryptocurrency mixers on the web, which is quite difficult to choose the best one. Our website helps you compare their terms and ratings and find the best offer in a few clicks, as well as tumble coins in a few steps.

There are three main features that you need to pay attention to:

  • Benefit. The mixer should offer its users various fees.
  • Safety. The service should have a high reputation.
  • Convenience. The mixer should be easy to use.

Why should you try mixing of your cryptocurrency?

You should decide to provide mixing of your crypto coins to guarantee your privacy protection. There is no need to inform everyone about your choice of funds spending, your ways to receive bitcoins and your digital wallet rank. See the story of a person who has succeeded in his cryptocurrency operations. He/she should never give the relevant information about earning to the landlord because of the possible decision to maximize the fees for housing. In some situations, people decide to buy the forbidden items because they really need them, ignoring the widespread criticism of these products. A ghost-writer may express his desire to receive money for his texts even if the accepted laws ban his activity. A young girl may determine to buy condoms without her mothers’ permission. A politician in the city of the opposite political power may be engaged in charity activities to support his leader without considering the opinions of his co-members. A rich Bitcoin user must never disclose his possessions as he could face illegal actions like fraud, theft, illegal seizure by criminals, and other offences.

Is coin mixing process attractive only for offenders?

As mentioned above, coin mixing procedures are not intended only for offenders. Actually, privacy is recognized as one of the primary rights of people supported by the Article 12 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Certainly, lawbreakers fail to gain from all types of privacy, together with the privacy type obtained from mixing coins operations. They take full advantage of the rights given to all people; that is the cost of our desire to be a citizen of a democratic country. In the countries which are less democratic, lawbreakers exist too, pretending to be honest, law-abiding people. Really, the recognition that Crypto Mixers technologies are widely utilized by offenders tends to be untrue. Based on recent study completed by blockchain specialists, these mixing systems are mainly developed for consumption by systematic players on the Bitcoin platform that merely desire privacy protection. Bitcoins that are intended to illegal goals present the smallest part of all mixed items.

Best Bitcoin Mixing Services

Illustration of the key types of mixers

To start the research of the existing mixing techniques, it is necessary to explore 10 of them which are characterized as centralized mixing services. Most of them were represented as messages on Bitcointalk, the primary web forum launched by Nakamoto in the year of 2009. The first propositions of digital money combined with necessary messages and technological issues usually occur on this forum. Furthermore, we are aimed at gathering the proper specific features that could help to see the whole picture of these processes. The table N1 shows the main elements of the main mixers. The results of their study point out to certain simplified features presented in the table N2. The use of ‘checkmark’ allows to demonstrate that the mixer provides the feature and the use of ‘x’ means that it is unavailable. The use of a ‘dash’ shows the lack of feature. The obtained data is focused on the facts found on the website of the described mixing service and does not assume initiation of any deal.

Table N1

MinMinimum mixing amount allowed
MaxMaximum mixing amount allowed
AccountIs registration required?
FeesFees for mixing service
TimeTime of mixing process
DelayAmount of delay for mixing output
LogsHow long service keeps logs
Input AddressesNumber of input addresses for the user
Output AddressesNumber of output addresses the user can specify
Distribution ControlThe control of the distribution of funds across their specified output addresses
Minimum BlocksRequired number of confirmations in Bitcoin network for mixing
Additional FeaturesAdditional options (Letter of guarantee, receipt, order ID, etc.)
TorHidden service URL in .onion domain zone
ClearnetClearnet URL
EstablishedYear when the service was established
Forum discussionAnnouncement threads on various forums

Table N2

Trusted ServiceYearAccountMixing FeesDistribution Contr.DelayMultiply Output Addr.Multiply Input Addr.TorClearnetForum Disc.
ChipMixer2017no no yesyesyesno yesyesyes
BitMix2017no yesno yesyesno yesyesyes
MyCryptoMixer2020no yesyesyesyesno yesyesyes
Anonymix2020no yesyesyesyesno no yesno
BTC mixer2017no yesyesyesyesyesno yesno
CoinMixer2015noyesno yesno no no yesyes
Bitcoin Laundry2018noyesno yesno no no yesyes

Study of mixers’ acceptance by users

The further action was to define a criterion in order to categorize Mixers for their demand in the market. As shown in the table N2, each of Mixers possesses a widely suggested Tor mirror. These websites contain Onion Browser Button and fail to be provided with an index by conventional search systems. Due to this, it is a rather challenging task to define the traffic volume for each mixer. To deal with this impediment, we were focused on dividing mixing services into two groups: Trusted Mixers and Untrusted Mixers, considering the situation on Bitcointalk forum.  Mixing technology known as Trusted demonstrated relevant connection with the members of the forum and possessed zero level of the so-called scam accusations. Untrusted services showed no connection with the members and obtained some amount of scam accusations. Any mixing service which does not have the proper representation on Bitcointalk was defined as Untrusted because of the absence of any data from the base of its consumers. The investigation of postings found that 5 mixing networks were characterized as Trusted and 10 – as Untrusted. We selected the following ones for detailed research:  CryptoMixer, ChipMixer, BTCmixer, CoinMixer. Below are the discussions of each of them.


CryptoMixer Review

CryptoMixer was launched in the year of 2016 and currently can be found on Tor and the clearnet sites.  Its first emergence in the forum meant that it contained over 2000BTC in its reserve. To convince everyone of this fact, it provided respected players of the forum with the record of their potential addresses and their individual signatures. The process of verification revealed that every player had a right to attach a note with their signature on this type of Mixer informing about the success of verification procedure regarding their resources (29, 30, 31). CryptoMixer permits the lowest input of 0.001 BTC. The highest input alterations originate from the volume of Bitcoin found in the reserve of the Mixer. It is not necessary to use individual accounts as CryptoMixer code is aimed to foster identification of their procedures. It can be also utilized in future deals to get certain deductions and become aware of  the lack of initial inputs. CryptoMixer’s website asserts that it follows a 100% zero logs policy, making it clear that the detailed information about the deal is normally removed. This mixer lets its consumers to itemize about 10 output addresses with waiting time of 0 minutes – 96 hours. Moreover, this mixing technique proposes to use the delivery supervising procedure for all individual output addresses. The cost for this service depends on the consumer, and it varies from 0.5% to 3% plus 0.0005 per each digital output address. The  members’ level of security for their service relies on the costs, waiting time, delivery option and the amount of the potential output addresses.  The level of security defined as Standard does not guarantee high speed output deal approval. It authorises a day long waiting time and accepts the availability of about two output addresses. The costs spend on this type of mixing service should vary from 0.5% to 1%. The level of security categorized as Silver promises high speed output deal approval, but about two day long customized waiting time, and no  more than five output addresses. The costs for this type of security level should be higher than an 1% but lower than 2%. The third level of security is designated as Gold. It is considered to be top level which assures the the output deal approval of the highest speed, up to four days of waiting time and as many as 10 potential output addresses. The third level requires paying about 2% or even higher for the costs. CryptoMixer lets consumers to create unrestricted quantity of input addresses provided they are vindicable, with signature to ensure validity of letter of guarantee. The validity of input address is only one day. The amount of approvals needed for initiation of input deals is different, depending on the anticipated amount for mixing.


ChipMixer Review

ChipMixer was launched in the year of 2017 to function on Tor and the clearnet. It is recognized as the Trusted type of technology with enormous popularity on the forum, in which it covers more than 95 posting and does not face any scam claims. ChipMixer represents a special form of application which requires using “chips”. It creates individual addresses to ensure funding them with increments of 0.001 BTC up to 8.192 BTC. Due to prior funds, these addresses and relevant secret keys presented as outputs are directed to ChipMixer’s users. Members do not use them to conduct their crypto operations, but they initiate importing of the obtained keys to their digital wallets. Hence, there is absolutely no connection between those funds that have been accumulated on ChipMixer and the chips that have been provided to users given to participants. In case a member transfers 0.005 BTC to ChipMixer, he/she must anticipate to get many chips attached to the whole transferred. For instance, users acquire two different computer chips of 0.002 BTC and a single of 0.001 BTC. They have an opportunity to ensure splitting, merging, betting, or donating the provided chips before they can withdraw their funds. Splitting process leads to separating one chip into two one. Merging procedure incorporation of two chips of the similar size into one. Betting method forces members to stake and get one double the size having approximately 47% chance. Donating grants the chip to the system. Eventually, withdrawal represents the secret keys for the chosen chips to be attached to a digital wallet. These characteristics can be utilized differently in terms of both time and order selection and individually selected chips, which leads to strengthening privacy issues and altering the value of product. As ChipMixer does not need setting up a bank account, members are provided with a session ID and an input type for individual address which is valid for a week. The system also offers users the chance to break up their sessions before the requited time within a week period. Relevant logs should be maintained for the similar period, but there is no accurate information about destroying of logs ahead of time during the session. The maximum input level is unavailable, while the minimum input will be 0.001 BTC. This input type merely needs a single affirmation in the Bitcoin platform prior to its acceptance by the system. If input is lower than the accepted minimum, it is considered to be a donated item. Mixing costs are defined as fairly donation-focused and members may select to commit the act of donation of any volume of their designated chips. When users withdraw funds, they are provided with invoice with cryptographical signature, which means that their capital is arriving from ChipMixer. Also, they have a chance to acquire a voucher code and utilize the left chips in different ChipMixer procedures.


CoinMixer Review

This type of mixing technology differs from other Bitcoin platforms in a way that CoinMixer has more advantageous characteristics, which are highly valued by those people who have just started their career in this field. The site and the system are organized in a proper way, creating positive conditions for open communication and collaboration. Members can select the payment option for the services they get on this platform. They are provided with the attractive sum of money that allows them to successfully begin their work with mixing coins operations. But there is one challenge with using CoinMixer, namely, the lack of local maintenance structure, which demands notification of members regarding the emergent problems with processing their financial operations. This leads to certain threats in terms of members’ privacy protection. In spite of that, the BTC laundering service remains a system with high level of security due to the unavailability of financial deal logs storage. CoinMixer represents a widely recognized Bitcoin platform, which is convenient for many members. It guarantees a simple way of conducting the key operations and appealing costs for the delivered products, which can be chosen by the participants of the forum. CoinMixer has some common features with other mixing technologies as it ensures crypto shuffling of coins that have been directed to them from many members simultaneously with the goal of reducing the amount of deals which incorporate the use of bitcoins possessed by a member and change them to newly mixed ones.


BTCmixer Review

BTCmixer serves as a mixing technology with amazing attributes that guarantees uncomplicated, stable and quick mixing of coins to maximize personal privacy protection in the field of Bitcoin operations. This mixer is known as one of the most innovative in the cryptocurrency world due to its unique characteristics. It not only carries out the main activities on the Bitcoin forum, it also strengthens the members’ anonymity level to a great extent. There is an opportunity to make the identifiers of the member’s device more secrete to avoid identification of the deal by others. Besides, it ensures monitoring of the structure responsible for digital records of all Bitcoin deals. This is done to avoid any chance of getting needless curiosity. The primary characteristic of BTCmixer is that requires paying a stable tariff of only 0.1%, which is more interesting for many members. Currently, new technological innovations help to facilitate human life, therefore, privacy protection has turned to be the most essential issue for many consumers of digital services. The focus on data protection is supported by relevant examples of legal cases that reflect the functioning of lawbreakers in the Internet sphere with the goal of obtaining personal gains from violation of privacy rights. The primary goal frequently set by offenders today is financial data. Realizing the way individuals act in the area of funds accumulation has grown into an issue of concern in many various fields of human activity, including ads and promotion business, social work, id theft. That is why masses have initiated the idea to foster concurrency business. In general, this area is represented as absolutely un-designated if we refer to different conventional ways of compensation. This is for the reason of the lack of demand for consumers’ verification of their personal profiles before engaging in deals. Among the approved opinions is the one regarding Bitcoin’s ability to ensure full secrecy of personal data, but it is not true. This platform functions based on the act of changing the consumer’s personal details with a newly developed address. Learning this Bitcoin related address gives a chance to acquire data about recent deals. New technologies allow indicating digital location of consumers.

BTCmixer is described as the most intelligent Bitcoin mixer that can be accessed by any consumer. It is focused on canny methods or programs to mix coins mechanically and without exception and alter them with newly developed undetectable coins. It administers the frequency of emerging deals and transfers expenditures to the excellent time slot, in case of necessity. Its ability to achieve randomization of your coins’ background information helps to prevent observation of personal profile items.  

Bitcoin mixing innovations

Currently, there are still many risks associated with the utilization of Bitcoin related resources by people interested in these products. In regards to this problem, the group of Bitcoin fans and scientists engaged in the study of this trend has already offered a number of options to increase confidence and loyalty through intended prevention of these risks. Here is the description of some vital mixing operating procedures that should be considered by everyone engaged in the investigation of ways to elude disclosure and successfully deal with relevant funding operations.


Decentralized mixing protocols are aimed at keeping away from the involvement of a mediator. Getting much satisfaction from the above mentioned type of technology, it is necessary to point out to interoperability of input and output variables to achieve lack of linkage. In the large number of these mixing methods, the focus on decentralization allows consumers to detect other members (the so-called bootstrapping technique). As a rule, decentralized protocols have two weak points, namely, certain constraints in scalability and much time spent on pending to identify the necessary mixing peers.

CoinJoin technology

CoinJoin Infographics

CoinJoin represents another option for initiation of multiple transactions performance, which come from several transmitters with the goal of being united into a single unit. It is rather challenging for external sources to detect the relevant receiver of every input without the proper correction of the existing Bitcoin deal. Starting from the time of Bitcoin’s creation, this method has been widely accepted as the option that makes any inputs of the deal being owned by one and the same person. Anyway, CoinJoin deals show that this in not true all the time. Consumers are able to work collaboratively to detect a uniform output amount 12 and blend their deals into a single one. One after the other, those who send funds encounter low level of fees for their deals and minimize the large amount of operations on the Bitcoin platform.

CoinShuffle technology

CoinShuffle Infographics

This type of technology does not need any mediator. It fits the current Bitcoin platform and utilizes CoinJoin to perform deals. It is critical to understand the fact that in the relevant Section the so-called bootstrapping tool for consumers is defined as a non deterministic goal. It suggests that any consumer of the proposed service enjoys security due to decentralized option to show their intention to take part in these activities. CoinShuffle requires implementation based on three stages: Announcement Stage, Shuffling Stage, and Transaction Verification Stage. The illustration of the CoinShuffle’ view points to the high degree. In the Announcement Stage, every member creates a temporary key pair to encrypt and decrypt data and alerts the necessary keys for encryption. In the Shuffling stage, the members start by producing a newly developed Bitcoin address which plays the role of their main output 14 address. Further on, the members start to initiate shuffling of the obtained output addresses with the help of a technique which resembles a decryption mix net operation. In this stage, the output is represented in the form of a set of output addresses shuffled by the members. This leads to eradication of any linkage between inputs and outputs. In the third stage known as Transaction Verification, the members can check out the availability of their newly designed output address in the the final list that contains all output addresses. In case of the positive result, CoinJoin deal is generated, incorporating both the inputs and the relevant outputs. Everyone should provide signing of the deal and ensure its broadcasting to others. The lack of signature leads to the wrong act of Bitcoin deal. As soon as the required signatures are available to the full extent, the transaction are immediately directed to the Bitcoin platform. The utilization of CoinJoin method gives an opportunity to divide the fees for electronic payment procedures between all members engaged in this activity. Everyone enjoys the benefit of having lower fee and the lack of mix fees. Moreover, in case a member needs to initiate a change deal, he/she can add a certain change address in the list that contains all output addresses. So, CoinShuffle represents a powerful decentralized mechanism based on adoption of the appropriate operations for enhanced communication between consumers. Thanks to these methods, the introduction of a centralized, unreliable control system is not entirely excluded.

List of all bitcoin tumblers (blenders) with timeline & status

Service NameYear of AnnouncementCurrent Status
Bitcoin Fog2011OFFLINE
Bitcoin Blender2012OFFLINE
Helix Light2013OFFLINE


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